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Emergency Drainage




We offer same day Sydney emergency drainage services for  your drainage needs. We have complete drainage solutions for domestic, industrial and commercial situations. Blocked drains are a common problem experienced at some stage in most homes and businesses and if not rectified quickly these blockages can pose property and health risks. We rightfully so class blocked drains as a high plumbing emergency issue! This is why we have the latest technocracy in drain clearing equipment to get you out of trouble fast!


Call Vital Flow Plumbing Services immediately if you suspect you have a blockage, surcharging sewer or stormwater drain. Your health and property contents may be at stake. While you wait for a plumber to arrive, one of our friendly team members can talk you through the best action to take over the phone to minimise any potential property damage.




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A blocked  drain could be a problem associated with main sewer line or main stormwater line that effects the whole house or an isolated measure involving the sink, toilet, tub or shower. The effects of either scenario can lead to a big mess and and if left untreated it becomes an emergency and raw sewerage could be overflowing inside! The need to have a plumber visit at night, on the weekends or over the holidays could have been avoided. Typically, Blocked drains produce early warning signs before they fail completely and cause a plumbing disaster. If you're aware of the signs and symptoms of clogged drains, you can recognise the issue and get professional help from Vital Flow Plumbing Services before a more serious problem develops.


Signs that your drainage system is backing up


  • smelly drain grates
  • toilet water rising above or falling below ordinary levels
  • toilet water taking a long time to subside after flushing
  • floor waste overflowing during showering
  • slow discharging toilets and sinks
  • the water seal at the bottom of your toilet being lower or higher than normal
  • surcharge or overflow
  • gulping or gurgling sounds
  • smelly drain grates
  • water in the eaves
  • water down the walls
  • rising damp
  • raw sewerage overflowing from any fixture or your outside overflow relief gully

What causes a blocked drain emergency?

Some common causes:

  • blocked gutters
  • sediment build up over time
  • cracks in the joints
  • breaks in the pipe wall
  • insufficient gradient or fall of the pipe
  • misaligned pipes or completely collapsed pipes due to incorrect installation
  • external forces such as pressure from large tree roots or ground movement
  • foreign objects such kids toys, balls and women’s sanitary products.
  • Tree roots restricting drainage
  • Flash flooding/heavy rain.
  • Incorrect plumbing
  • restricted overflow relief gully
  • raw sewerage or stormwater overflow inside a building
  • property erosion
  • leaky roofs and gutters
  • lack of proper roof and gutter maintenance
  • wear and tear of roof and gutter
  • surcharge or overflow



Depending on the severity of the emergency , it may be a simple as a plumbers grade toilet plunger or may require a specialised solution. Our licensed plumbers will assess the cause of the blockage, determine where its located,  what’s causing the blockage and explain the best solutions available to you. This may require some of our specialised drain clearing equipment. Our equipment is the best in the business and will get you out of trouble fast!


We use the latest technology including;

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High Pressure Jetting Machines
Our Vehicles are fitted with the latest in ‘High pressure water jetting’ equipment for all drain cleaning and toilet blockages. If need be we can put a thin hose up your toilet and with high pressure water we can blast away any obstruction. Jet blasting is a safe and effective way to unclog toilets fast.
CCTV Drain Camera
Want a clear picture of your Toilet problems? This technology allows us to see exactly what’s caused the clogged toilet via a video monitor at ground level. CCTV drain inspection cameras take the guesswork out of blocked toilets in Sydney. We can asses the severity of the blockage, what caused the toilet to clog and exactly where the blockage is located.
Pipe Locating Devices
Pipe locating devices pinpoint exactly where the obstruction in the blocked toilet is located. It tells us where the problem lies by tracking an electrical signal omitted from the head of the CCTV drain camera. This enables us to establish how far down the clogged toilet the blockage lies and at what depth.
Excavate & Replace
Blocked toilets may be caused by Tree roots, Collapsed and badly damaged pipes or even foreign materials that sometimes just won’t budge. In worse cause scenario you toilet pipes may need to be repaired or replaced to clear and prevent future blockages from occurring.


1. Same day service- We offer a 24/7 service with a one hour response time to your emergency. Quite often when people call our emergency phone number, we are able to talk them through their problem to a point where they can prevent any further issue until our technician reaches on-site. This simple talk through process over the phone will also be conducted at any time of night and will usually save you an after hours call out fee.


3. We specialise in Emergency Drainage – All of our Sydney blocked  drain plumbers use the latest technology to clear emergency overflowing drains fast. We  asses the situation, determine the location of the blockage. Then we will have your drains cleared and flowing back to normal before you know it.


4. We provide confirmation-Once the emergency blockage has been cleared, the raw sewerage or stormwater has subsided and the pipe has been cleaned out, our technicians will CCTV camera the  line once again to make sure that the drain is completely clear, giving you peace of mind that the drain issue is resolved. We can even make a recording for you in the event that you need to provide proof to an insurance company or strata corporation.


5. We are affordable– We have fixed pricing with no hidden costs to get the job right the first time on all types of Emergency drain cleaning, water jetting and CCTV investigations.


6. We clean up after ourself- Once your emergency is over and the  drain is clear we will then clean up the mess. If there was a raw sewerage overflow from your blocked drain you can rest assured we will have all areas clean safe and protected before we leave.


7. Best advice- If repairs are needed rest assure Vital Flow Plumbing services will give the best advise and options on the repair process. There are only two things that should go down the toilet and belong in a sewer drain– human waste and toilet paper.



Whether you're based in Hornsby, Mount Colah or Pymble, our team of licensed Sydney Emergency drainage plumbers is committed to unclogging your drains fast. We understand that blocked drains of all types post a health risk and are a huge inconvenience for everyone. We have the technology on hand to begin repairs urgently and efficiently


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